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Mount Juliet Equestrian at Mount Juliet Estate Riding School

At Mount Juliet Equestrian at Mount Juliet Estate, we pride ourselves on offering exclusive, high-standard riding lessons specializing in the exciting discipline of show jumping. Our lessons cater to both adults and children of all experience levels, making it easy for anyone to get started or take their riding skills to the next level.

To ensure personalized attention and tailored guidance for each individual, our lessons are conducted in small groups of maximum 5 riders. This approach allows our experienced instructors to work closely with each rider, providing guidance and support as needed to help them achieve their goals.

Experience levels are carefully matched per group, ensuring that each rider receives a lesson that is challenging and rewarding, while also promoting growth and development. Our qualified and highly experienced instructors provide personal improvement planning with digital record keeping, enabling riders to track their progress and identify areas for improvement over time.

We understand that finding time for riding can be challenging, which is why we offer day and evening lessons that fit around your busy schedule. This flexibility makes it easy to get started or continue improving your skills, no matter what your lifestyle demands.

At Mount Juliet Equestrian at Mount Juliet Estate, we’re committed to providing exceptional riding experiences that help our riders achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Contact us today to book your lesson and take your riding skills to new heights.