Long Term Livery

Mount Juliet Equestrian at Mount Juliet Estate Long Term Livery

At Mount Juliet Equestrian at Mount Juliet Estate, we take pride in offering a luxury livery service that provides top-of-the-line care and accommodations for ponies and horses. Our short-term livery packages are designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience for your animal, ensuring that they receive the best possible care during their stay with us.

When you choose our short-term livery service, you’ll enjoy access to a range of amenities and services that are designed to make your animal’s stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Our stables are equipped with large windows, automatic water-feeders, and other features that help to keep your animal comfortable and healthy throughout their stay.

We take security seriously, which is why we have 24/7/365 CCTV recording of your stable and site security monitoring in place. We also use digital tracking technology to monitor your horse’s activity, ensuring that they are getting the exercise and attention they need to stay healthy and happy.

In addition to our standard livery services, we also offer additional training services for an additional fee. Our experienced trainers can work with your horse to help them develop new skills and abilities, ensuring that they are always growing and improving.

If you have any questions about our livery services or would like to discuss custom accommodations for longer periods, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We’re always happy to work with our clients to ensure that their animals receive the best possible care and attention during their stay with us.

Our long term livery standard includes:

  • 3.6m x3.6m stables with big windows.
  • Automatic water-feeders
  • 24/7/7 CCTV recording of your stable.
  • Site security monitoring
  • Digital tracking of your horse activity in equicty.
  • Bedding, salt stone.
  • Live camera feed for the duration of your livery
  • Training of your horse (€40 per training).